Does Jeff Bezos Need To Go To Prison?
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2017-11-10 11:17 by Karl Denninger
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Does Jeff Bezos Need To Go To Prison?
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Unless you live under a rock you know that Roy Moore, who is the Republican candidate to replace Jeff Session's Senate seat out of Alabama, has been accused of some extraordinarily-salacious and in one case illegal act.

There's a problem -- the alleged act(s) occurred nearly forty years ago and yet not one allegation of same has occurred until now.

I won't get into the actionability of the claim in the first place since with one exception all the so-called accusers were 16 or older and thus of the age of consent at the time.  Further, there has been no allegation of force or improper influence being used, and Moore was unmarried.  In other words unlike the "star allegations" we're not talking about harassment, rape, (statutory) abuse of underage individuals or even adulteryalthough it still smells like dead fish if the allegations are true.

Now add to this that Judge Moore is not some random dude that just decided to run for Senate.  He has a decades long history of being extraordinarily controversial and a public political figure, including being elected as a judge twice in Alabama with the second time after being ousted for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from a court.

There were plenty of reasons for anyone who had a legitimate beef with his sexual proclivities, and plenty of opportunity with the capacity to do him real political damage, to act before now.  Yet I'm aware of exactly zero in the way of "rumblings", say much less allegations, on this point until a few days ago.

That's enough to call the question about a political hit (that is, a lie) standing alone.

But it's not standing alone.

There are now allegations that The Washington Post attempted to pay women to come forward and make allegations of this sort.

The claim is being made that not only did this happen it has been turned over to the DA.  There are further allegations as to motive and intentional bias, and that this isn't a case of "first impression" either.

Even better, the calls apparently were recorded, so the claim is that there's hard evidence that the attempted bribe happened.

If this turns out to be true given the political affiliation and direct links to both Jeff Bezos and both his and the alleged "reporters" links to the DNC then this certainly appears to amount to federal election tampering, bribery as an inducement to engage in an unlawful act and Racketeering.

If this proves up then not only should the Washington Post be criminally indicted and shut down so should Amazon and Jeff Bezos as well since this sure looks to me like a case where the Racketeering law applies and I remind you that bribery is one of the predicate offenses on which Racketeering can be charged.  Racketeering can be and should be charged against anyone who was involved in, funded benefited from or stood to benefit from the product of said predicate conduct or pattern of activity.


Update 11/11: For those who have severe problems with reading comprehension (it seems there's a bunch), let's try this again.

If there is proof that Moore is guilty of soliciting a 14 year old (for "dates" or anything else) who he either knew or had reason to know was 14 at the time then he has no business in Congress or anywhere else.  But the evidence does not support that.  Let's go through it.

There is one actionable allegation from a person with credibility problems.  The other allegations are that an adult asked other persons of the legal of consent to go on date(s), in fact asked their parents even though not legally required to do so for consent and received same, that the other party consented to said date(s) as well and the worst "behavior" exhibited during such dates were some number of...... kisses.

I repeat: I have yet to read any allegation of force, coercion, abuse of an unequal power relationship, sexual harassment, unwanted touching, attempted sex whether consensual or not (of any sort, such as with Herr Clinton and his stinky cigarsand unlike so-called "men" today the so-called accused asked the parents of the young women if it was ok to date their daughter before doing so.

Now if you have an issue with him being 30ish at the time, well, then you do.  I get that, but such is neither illegal or immoral.  I remind you that the age of sexual consent in Alabama was (and is) 16, and the age of consent to drink in Alabama at the time was 19.  Therefore, if 16, 17, 18, or 19 then she was a "teen", but perfectly legal and, if whoever "she" was was 19 then it was legal for her to drink too.

Despite this even the accusers admit that said "terrible cad" not only asked for his dates' parents blessing (which he had no requirement to do) and received it, and despite alleged consensual alcohol consumption (by a legal adult) his "horrible conduct" included such things as playing a guitar and singing, with the worst of said "conduct" being a kiss, probably of the "goodnight" variety.

If you are going to hang a man politically who by admission of his accusers is more honorable than 99.9% of the men in the nation today, who I remind you believe there is no requirement in honor or otherwise to ask a young woman's parents if it is ok to date their daughter say much less **** her brains out and then the worst conduct you can accuse him of is a goodnight kiss you're certifiably insane.

If you're a RepubliTURD who castigates Moore for this "conduct" perhaps it's because you like to bugger little boys or diddle your interns and staff -- and thus are offended that he actually believes that he should seek the consent of the parents of those who is attracted to before asking them out.

May I remind you that this is the very same Congress that exempted itself in 1995 from sexual harassment law and put in place special protections for itself if any of its members were accused of same including forcing the taxpayers to pay any settlements that were ultimately required if said accusers ultimately proved their cases and even in that instance the identity of the guilty party was withheld from the public.

I know exactly why the media and Congress is up in arms over this: They're incensed that all they can "find" to "support" a bare allegation is evidence of chivalrous behavior that has been nearly-extinct since the 1960s despite a diligent search for someone to back up said scurrilous allegation -- including possibly the use of bribery to obtain intentional false claims!

Never mind John "I'm a ****head" McCain who is one of the douchenozzles that has gone after Judge Moore.  How old is John McCain and how old is his wife?  She was 17 years younger when she met him and, I remind you, he ditched his wife at the time who had stayed loyal to him while he was a POW despite her being grievously injured in an accident.

When John got a "better and 17 year younger offer" he took it, damned his vows to Hell, and whether his "new" choice was a matter of "love" or simple unbridled ambition since she was rich we will never know, will we?

What did People (the magazine) have to say about this?

"What’s a little lie when love is involved?"

You see the truth is that it simply scares Congress and the media to death that someone believes in God, traditional courtship and marriage (which I remind you involves the man asking the woman's parents if it is ok to date their daughter and, if the dates go somewhere, he then comes back and asks the Dad if it's ok to marry her too) and what's worse this "alleged" horny, horrible dirty man didn't even attempt anything more than to sing some songs, spend some time and share a kiss at the end of the night with women who were legally entitled at the time to date whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted and to engage in any sexual conduct that they wanted.

Yeah.  That's the "outrage".

Show me a credible allegation of attempting to "waylay" an underage girl (under the age of consent) and I'm interested.  Where are they?  Decades of controversy around this guy and political enemies shooting at him through two removals from the bench and this is what is "surfaced" 40 years later? The Washington Post goes after trying to "corroborate" a wildly-spun and singular tale including possibly bribing people and they still can't get what they're looking for?

The "best" argument they come up with are Hillary campaign workers who today are hell-bent political opponents and despite all that these "other accusers" effectively exonerate Moore and debunk the original allegation by stating that they were of the age of consent, he sought their parents permission to date them AND that this "dirty old man" never desired to exchange anything beyond a kiss!


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