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User Info The Position All Thinking Americans Are FORCED To Adopt; entered at 2017-11-10 10:42:47
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Should have asked him to put up or shut up at the 200,300, and 600 yard line.

Most cops and Military don't shoot anywhere near as good as civilian enthusiasts.

AMU didn't even place in the top 3 teams in the Rattle Battle at Camp Perry A couple of hours ago.

Had a local 4H team get questioned as to the safety and competency of the kids using the County LEO outdoor gun range.
The coach Challenged the Sheriff to pick his best 5 guys and he would let his shoot against them.
If the Department won they would shoot on private land.

Sheriff lost, bigly.

They still got kicked off of the County Range.

Every time I hear politicians scream civilians are trained enough I cringe.
Yeah many aren't, but neither are the LEO and Military that only handle a gun in basic or qualifications.

Look up some IDPA, Steel Challenge, 3 Gun or Service Rifle Match video on the Internet.

That is shooting.

Only the top tier units train to that level and above.
Those guys have unlimited ammo budgets and are expected to be the best in the world.
Not knocking them, they are the best.

Ft. Benning usually keeps an add up for NRA certified instructors to work the range on weekends.

2017-11-10 10:42:47