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User Info The Position All Thinking Americans Are FORCED To Adopt; entered at 2017-11-10 09:34:38
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For me, to say "make it legal for felons to buy weapons" is hard. But I understand the logic considering the situation(s). Gov wants to legislate everything but enforce nothing that involves them.

The root issue is this: Even a convicted, prior felon MAY WELL be the guy who shoots THE BAD GUY in a dicey situation, and if nobody will hold the government to account, and felons already don't give a **** about the law if they are not reformed then anything that INCREASES the number of not-felons-now (including those who previously served out their sentences in full) carrying at the time of the incident REDUCES, rather than INCREASES, the lethality of the crooks and nuts.
2017-11-10 09:34:38