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User Info When (Not If) It Cracks.....; entered at 2017-11-09 11:40:42
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The shift in who advertises more and who advertises less on financial media is interesting.

On the less side are the traditional ad supporters of outlets like CNBC: stock brokers, mutual fund companies, etf's, and financial advisors. These want you to invest with them to gather their fees.

With the explosion in the number of etf's there also is an explosion in the number of funds closing.

On the plus side are the suppliers of luxury goods: Mercedes, Audis, Infinities, watches, etc. all aimed at the 1% who are heavy into stocks and still have disposable income.

Also on the plus side are those promoting low interest rates and the equivalent to pay-day lending.

Debt is a cancer that keeps on growing.

Thus we see the talking heads on financial media engaged in classic pump and dump.

Yes, Fraud is the business model of choice for too many.

2017-11-09 11:40:42