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User Info The United States of SCAmazon; entered at 2017-10-28 13:21:45
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The ultimate plan for Amazon is to stay afloat long enough to kill off much of their competition in specific segments and then to raise prices that are profitable. The point that they are missing is that many of these businesses that they are killing will be laying off workers.
As a mail order business, I support several types of companies simply by existing as a profitable business. I carry inventory from about ten different distributors and manufacturers. I purchase boxes from a local company. I spent close to $24k last year on Fedex and another $20k with the post office. I have my printing done by local companies and we use an American freight company for the big stuff. All these people benefit because I am in business and if you multiply that by 1000, you can see the real damage that Amazon can do to the real economy.
2017-10-28 13:21:45