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User Info The United States of SCAmazon; entered at 2017-10-28 12:21:14
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It's kind of like Congress using Social Security and Medicare payments to minimize the deficit and show phony numbers.

Ever since they killed MARK TO MARKET and then instituted NON-GAAP accounting, this fraud has gotten worse with every earnings season. There is literally no reporting of honest numbers anymore. By ramping Amazon's share price, they can now buy someone else to destroy that market segment. It really seems like there is a master plan to destroy all the little guys and have a few large companies rule each segment of the market. I see nothing positive coming out of Apple and then they announce that they sold out of their 10 model and the stock explodes. Intel's earnings were nothing spectacular, but they ran along with Microsoft like the economy was on fire.
It seems they reward specific companies and destroy others and seem to be making a point of who controls the markets.
Both ZH and Karl have pointed out the obvious, yet they ramped the stock like nothing we have ever seen before. Their ability to manage these markets no matter what happens tells me that there is a lot more central bank money out there then their balance sheets are showing............
2017-10-28 12:21:14