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User Info The United States of SCAmazon; entered at 2017-10-27 22:24:11
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I'll just go ahead and admit that all of the financial, economic, business-related stuff that gets talked about on here makes about as much sense to me as chess does to a cockatoo. But I think I "get" some of it, just by comparing it with my situation.

Now, from what I see here, were I performing like Amazon, for the last 4 years and 3 quarters I have largely lost in the sense of profit more each quarter than I did the previous one. (Few exceptions, yes, but I was still losing every single quarter.)

I think "Fulfillment" may somehow be otherwise expressed as "a major part of the cost of doing business", along with "cost of goods sold", etc., mainly because of the fact that, in my case, "fulfillment" includes buying and wearing the right kind of clothes, maintaining and fueling a vehicle to get to and from work, paying for lunch, getting training and taking certification exams, etc.

However, if the cost of my "fulfillment" has increased close to 400% over the span of 57 months I'm probably going to suspect that something is not quite right. (Furthermore, had I been going to my company and saying, month-after-month, that I have to have more money to be able to get to work and back home and to keep my qualifications up, etc., then my company might just have some response to that--a response that would not have worked to my benefit.)

Then during the same time period, my profit percentage has changed by -700%+, I've got to thing something stinks.

Not to mention, when my Net has changed by nearly 1600%, well, I've got to ask, "Just how in the world can I keep going to work?" At that point I'm thinking seriously if welfare, disability, and relief wouldn't be a better way to do things.

All right, peeps, here's the drill: I'm absolutely a monetary idiot. Nevertheless I enjoy learning useful things. Tell me where I'm wrong here. Please.
2017-10-27 22:24:11