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User Info Our Nation DESERVES To Fail; entered at 2017-10-21 12:59:06
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This will be a major wake up call here in Virginia.

Don't bet on it. Just had a candidate I am working with basically play the "it's too hard" card; good thing it was before I had committed much.

Yes, it's hard. But if the price doesn't get you the 25 times higher risk of being given a serious infection (or even DYING as a result of it), which you then get billed for, damn well ought to. I now know TWO people that have nearly been killed by this and one of them was nearly killed twice (two separate instances.) The tab on EACH of those people is EASILY over $500,000. 200,000+ Americans a year die as a result of this **** (after being bankrupted, if "uninsured") and it should be 1/20th of that number, roughly.

The third leading cause of death in America and rapes every family out of a house every year and nobody gives a ****.

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2017-10-21 12:59:06