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User Info Our Nation DESERVES To Fail; entered at 2017-10-21 12:39:10
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Registered: 2013-12-31 Richmond,Virginia
Hi Karl and all readers,

Well.....the day has finally come. Yesterday I got *THE LETTER* from my Anthem Health insurance carrier that was either going to make me explode with anger because of an increase in premium cost, or it was going to be canceled entirely. Anthem decided to pull out of the major population zip code centers here in Virginia, so I no longer will have them as a carrier choice come January 1, 2018. The zip code areas that they decided to continue service will get 84% premium increases. I actually was not that angry, but more alleviated. Because I had decided way back that I wasn't going to play this extortion game anymore beyond this year. Anthem just made the decision easier. The question now is, what to do ? Anthem had the least expensive policy premiums of any other carrier here in Virginia. I checked the new rates for zip codes that can continue with them. The exact same policy I had, increased in those areas almost double. From $1382 per month for 2 non-smoking adults, no dependents, to $2540. That's $30,480 per year. My wife and I are both 61 and in good health overall. We both carry a tad more weight than we should, 10 to 20 lbs, but basically in pretty good shape. I was in the plumbing service business for 27 years self employed, so it kept me pretty healthy, because the plumbing business is not for sissies. ( at least not when I was in it, it's gotten a little more soft because of technology, but still it has it's physical challenges ) My wife still works as an independent self employed supplemental insurance agent. Ironically, she can't get health insurance any cheaper than anybody else outside the industry, because she's not in any employment group. Supplemental policies are add-ons to your health insurance. Aflac stuff, like accident, cancer, deductible coverage, etc,etc. of now the plan is to stay as healthy as possible, bank the premiums on our own and pay cash for any future health care visits until we figure a way around this mess. Four more years and we can get on medicare. If it's still there by then.

Karl, you've been an institution of knowledge to me. I read everything you post as much as I can. You saw this coming when little others did. I can't even watch the main street media anymore without a critical inner voice asking what kind of sheeple lies are they trying to get away with now ? I have so much distrust with the District of Corruption (DC) these days, it makes me want to expat the country and move away. Please continue on as much as you possibly can to get the messages out here. There are people listening and on-board with your rants. This will be a major wake up call here in Virginia. For now, I'm just gonna sit back and watch the wave start to curl over.

Thanks Karl
2017-10-21 12:39:10