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User Info Our Nation DESERVES To Fail; entered at 2017-10-20 11:29:10
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Registered: 2009-03-31 West side of the rockies
The majority do not care. Republican members of Congress have said they want to repeal Obamacare since it was made law. When they got control of both houses plus the presidency, should have been a no brainer. And yet here we are. No one wants to be the one to blame when the economy tanks, which I believe is the fundamental problem. We've dug the grave so deep that there is no way out without severe economic pain.

There is more press about how Russia influenced the 2016 election than anything. The US would never influence other country's elections... oh wait. The Russian narrative is getting old. Whats the end game? Imprison Russian officials for doing what the US themselves do on a daily basis?

Then we have LEO who can't seem to get their story straight. The most deadly single shooter incident in US history, and they cannot even provide a consistent timeline of events, much less explain why it took over an hour to get into the hotel room. The hotel security guard finally broke his silence, on a daytime talk show of all places.

Not to mention missing very obvious red flags that, if taken more serious, may have altered (or prevented altogether) the events of 9/11. The government apparatus is simply too big to do anything meaningful.

Every election I hear "vote them all out", and yet, the incumbents usually get voted back in, rinse and repeat. Orrin Hatch (R) Utah said during his first run for the Senate in the late 1970's that the incumbent has been in too long (I think it was 2 terms) and it was time to send him home. 35+ years later, Hatch is still in the Senate. He's considering running one more time. Everyone I know thinks its past time he "retire". If he does run, I bet he gets re-elected. People get to the polling booth and either vote straight party, or, as they go down the ballot, select the people they've heard of before. No critical thinking. I haven't voted for him for ages.

My household is single income - my wife does not work, by choice (well, being a mom to our kids is work). Every day I see my purchasing power get eaten by things that are not measured in the official "inflation" numbers. Families around me have kicked the can down the road by turning into two income households. Increasingly though, that is changing back to single income due to the "costs" of having both parents work - daycare, nanny, professional house cleaner, etc.... Those costs are starting to exceed what the 2nd parent is bringing in.

There is no arguing that the music will stop soon. The only thing left to debate is how bad it will get.

In my small sphere of influence, I'm constantly shocked at how little people know about whats going on in the world around them. They won't wake up until its too late. Only when there are shortages of food, gas, the necessities, will they start to understand.

Thanks Karl for all you do. As with you, I find it very difficult to make any traction with anyone on most of these topics. I just can't see much change happening until people wake up, and by then it'll be too late.
2017-10-20 11:29:10