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User Info Our Nation DESERVES To Fail; entered at 2017-10-20 09:53:35
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Registered: 2012-04-19 South of Canada
I'm firmly of the belief that nobody is lifting a finger because as-is things in America aren't that bad. Corruption in dee-cee? People just expect it and tune out the news thinking it doesn't affect them. Sure the productive class is getting robbed by the medical scam but nobody is hungry and credit is easy enough that many can at least live the illusion of being somewhat well-to-do. The poor get enough gravy from the gov't that they are not hungry and still get the iToys and what not. The lights still turn on, water flows from the taps and Amazon still delivers **** in 2 days. Gerald Celente has a quote that goes something like "When people have nothing left to lose - they lose it"

We have not hit that point and until that happens I think all of us that are in full agreement with our host are merely pissing in the wind with whatever we do. I do what I can for myself and those close to me. Thus far I haven't been able to convince close family, let alone friends or colleagues. ****, just talking about LCHF I get shot down because I'm not getting my data from a "doctor" or "nutritionist." They think I'm on the fringe and a kook...because they haven't felt pain yet.

My only hope is that the pain isn't in the form of a mushroom cloud. It's coming, that's one thing I'm sure of.
2017-10-20 09:53:35