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User Info Our Nation DESERVES To Fail; entered at 2017-10-20 07:45:23
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Me and mine stay away from hospitals and even doctors' offices as much as we can. Unless it is a persistent bacterial infection, broken limb, or similar that absolutely requires a visit. Viral infections we tough out, unless we detect solid signs of a concomitant bacterial complication. We also have wound down in many parts of our lives, as we see how much tougher it will get in the months and years ahead.

I would wager that you have few readers that sit in positions of power sufficient to enact even one of the many practical prescriptives you wrote up here. However, that is no reason to quit observing and chronicling, in detail, what is happening. The Internet, buttressed by cold-stored tape backups (LTO being the most stable so far that I've used), afford even all of us with too little power to move the needle today an unparalleled opportunity to record the many numerous ways the misdeeds are carried out, to transmit into future generations with higher fidelity than ever before possible, and pour "sunshine...the best of disinfectants" into our future generations' political-economies.

For past events even a generation ago, minutiae-level details that guide us to a full picture are tremendously difficult and expensive to access, even for momentous punctuations like the Great Depression. And when they are accessed, it is only through the summarized interpretations of historians, whose output can be bought, sold, and influenced by large interests. De-centralized, individual parsing and interpretation of this data is out of reach of most average citizens. That changes with the Internet. Each of our day-to-day observations will show future generations how not to let a similar catastrophe salami-slice them to death; it wasn't with sweeping changes that we killed ourselves, it was with many microscopic shifts that factored apart seemed bearable and not worth the trouble to fight to the death over, but when combined together, brought us down like a cytokine storm. Human attention span and memory is short, but by recording in detail our belated realizations that hindsight gives us now, we give our progeny a fighting chance at killing "harmless" ideas before they have a chance to take root.

In the meantime, "Enjoy the decline" /s.
2017-10-20 07:45:23