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User Info Our Nation DESERVES To Fail; entered at 2017-10-19 16:03:33
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Karl, I wish I could give you an argument on why you are wrong, but I can't. I can only say it won't happen until it does and then its too late. Unfortunately there are too many people in the Free **** Army(FSA) now and they have a HUUUGE voting block. We see it in the likes of this rhinestone drugstore cowboy hatted Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, along Bernie Sanders, the Clintons, Bob Menendez, Debbie Washerwoman Shultz, John McLame, Mitch McConnell et al and this "honest" piece of garbage and his chief aide:

George Carlin was right there is a club and we aren't in it. It is no longer racial and financial, but political ideology that gets you into the club.

I have a teenage son who leans left and feels insulted, thinks I put him down hate him when I present him with facts on why the leftist diatribe is a bunch of lies. I think it's coming to a point of no return and we will be in for a rough long haul.

I agree Trump has been in office 10 months, but his many of so called allies in the Republican party are not just behind the scenes, but also out in the media trying to ruin him. For him to take on the Clintons, Trump needs a solid base of support from the lily livered Republicans in Congress and a publicity machine like no other. At this time there isn't the political will to do it. The Reps got bitten by Clinton once and they are no hurry to do it again.

I am waiting to see how this Menendez trial ends up, this will be a sign if there will be some ability to go after the corrupt politicians. If they can't get Menendez, then the Justice Dept doesn't have a prayer to get the Clintons, they have too much money and behind the scenes backers will make it politically and publically difficult to put them both in the jail cells where they belong. Obama should be included in this too, but the politically correct press and FSA warriors funded by Soros and the taxpayers will be all over it like flies on **** to stop it. There will have to be some video of Obama committing an act of treason even have a chance of getting him. The progressive/socialist idiots will call it a farce and back Obama to the hilt.

As long as we have brain dead voters voting for those who will give them their Free **** we will be going the tubes. The politicians on the federal, state , and local level have been laundering taxpayer money to themselves and friends for years and most of the general public has been fooled into cheering this on, because of the lies be spewed. The are voting their own demise (See Venezuela).

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2017-10-19 16:03:33