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User Info Trump Lies And Buttrapes Americans On Health Care; entered at 2017-10-12 17:24:32
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I'm a fan of Prechter's Socionomic Hypothesis. Part of its message is that whoever is "in charge" when the Poseidon Adventure happens is the one who is blamed (see Hoover Admin.) Reality really doesn't matter either way. Trump may know this and be trying to be the exception to the rule. (shrug.)

Worst case scenario to me: The spasmodic reflex will be to jump Extreme Left. Given the collectively insane portents, plus the perfect record of government intervention (see Robert Higgs on FDR's Admin) making things far worse, I see no chance whatsoever that stupid human tricks will avoid turning this conflagration into something much larger.

We sure know that the Pundit, Press and Lobbyist Classes will cheer for today's already-record insanity to be raised by a very large exponent. Transgender surgeries for every family's five-year-old because no child must be left unmaimed.
2017-10-12 17:24:32