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User Info Walmart Spikes, Is Amazon Doomed?; entered at 2017-10-12 16:30:47
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Registered: 2013-06-26 Pacific Northwest
I've been an Amazon Prime customer for about 5 years and have gotten tremendous value from it. I live in the woods; the nearest WalMart, Costco, Home Depot - the nearest ANYTHING big-box and discount is 37 miles away, one way, on two-lane rural roads almost the whole distance.

So WalMart in-store pickup offers me little to nothing and I do a LOT of shopping online, up to and including a lawnmower from Home Depot and a washer/dryer set from Sears. Amazon sends stuff 2-6 times/week; I don't buy detergent or toilet paper there (that's what 2-3x/year Costco visits are for), but many items simply not available around here, or at far better prices. In addition, I use their Amazon Video (included with Prime) almost as much as Netflix and am careful to never buy/rent from them, just watch what's available at no extra charge (and everything is, sooner or later).

Whatever people think of their business model, I use the hell out of Prime for a little over $8/month and I constantly seek out best delivered prices, buying from the lowest. That means eBay,, and other places, but about half the time it's Amazon. The last year, I've been using to order Keurig K-cup coffee when they have it on sale - free delivery, no sales tax and unbeatable prices on sale for Peet's and other quality vendors. Even though I roast my own coffee beans for espresso and French press, those K-cups sure are handy for a cup of coffee right-the-hell-now.

And, by the way, I check Amazon vendor options carefully - I only pay sales tax on about 10% of my purchases - the rest from third-party sellers. Even those in my state aren't charging me sales tax. Another 9% in my pocket on those purchases.

One more thing: I've bought my prescriptions only from Walmart, via online ordering and mail delivery, for about 6 years; in total they have the best prices for the generics I use. But after all these years, the Walmart online system is just TERRIBLE, especially compared to Amazon. Can't get prescription prices before the order is placed, and then only by calling and talking to a rep or waiting to see how much my card was charged, it's difficult to get info on previous purchases and it's often down.

Amazon will continue to dominate as long as the competition has this far to go to catch up, overall.
2017-10-12 16:30:47