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User Info Trump Lies And Buttrapes Americans On Health Care; entered at 2017-10-12 16:13:31
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"Because fixing this will cause an instant recession deeper than any since the 1930s and he will get blamed for it."

The debt bubble spent 36 years teaching people to plow their lives into everything Uncle Sammy put on the National Mastercard. Now there's who-knows-how-many million people who work in industries (like everything medical or higher ed) where the jobs simply don't exist without exponentially rising debt.

The damage of the credit bubble wasn't limited to ramping asset prices to the ionosphere; it caused such misallocation of resources (including people getting expensive degrees, etc.) that unwinding it is impossible. It will be like fixing the rent hull of a ship by removing it at sea.

I sincerely believe you're underestimating the Cat-20 hurricane that will sit on North America for half a generation when (when) this collective insanity can no longer be sustained. We've long since left the point where cataclysm can be avoided. I figure 80% of the jobs in everything medical simply shouldn't exist. And they won't.

The key (IMHO) is who gets blamed, because you know darn well that no one will look in the mirror and ask that person WTF they were thinking....
2017-10-12 16:13:31