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User Info Walmart Spikes, Is Amazon Doomed?; entered at 2017-10-12 13:17:12
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Registered: 2009-03-19 Just North of Detroit
Where both Amazon and Walmart (and Newegg) fail for me is with third party vendors.
If it has to be shipped from China it's an automatic no for me. They are almost as bad as eBay for knock-offs and fraud. If you buy anything like karat-gold from China and expect it to meet spec you are nuts. You're as likely to get plated as solid. Electronics you get the previous model or open box or refurb sold as new.
I just checked Walmart to see if they had some RAM for my computer. It was available shipped from a third party only - not to the store. The customer satisfaction level of the company was only 53%!
2017-10-12 13:17:12