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User Info Spare Me The Outrage....; entered at 2017-10-11 15:54:51
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Re: Monica and choices.

One of today's saddest Pop Culture lies is that people can separate physical and emotional intimacy, habituating to years (if not decades) of casual physical intimacy and the shallow relationships that result, and then "by magic" they'll meet Mr./Ms. Right, settle down, get married and (equally magic) rejoin the link between both kinds of intimacy.

Wrong. Everything we do becomes a part of us. Learning that sex and emotional devotion can be disaggregated is a DISASTER, dooming a person to lifelong loneliness. This is what I think drives the onset of late-in-life divorce. People just don't have the investment in emotional intimacy because so few of them skipped a period of casual sex with people they never intended to court.

Every 13 year old should have explained to them the concept of irrevocable decisions. Some (many?) will still give into their basic impulses, but at least some of them might, if given a REASON WHY to put off such decisions, avoid accumulating a series of experiences from which they'll never escape.
2017-10-11 15:54:51