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User Info Heros and Zeros: Vegas; entered at 2017-10-10 12:12:01
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If memory serves, cops sat on their ass at Columbine as well. Even if they couldn't get in through the door, shooting a few rounds threw it would have distracted the gunman from his targets.

I cannot fathom why the police have become an almost sacred cow with a large chunk of the body politic, especially on the right.

The same goes for some firefighters battling fires around Brewster/Omak, WA. A small satellite fire was spreading, firemen were just watching until a rancher pulls up in his D4 Cat, and put it out himself. Instead of getting a thanks, the fire captain threatened him with prosecution for bulldozing on National Forest land.

If I were a castaway on Gilligan's Island, I wouldn't be trying to escape.

2017-10-10 12:12:01