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User Info Heros and Zeros: Vegas; entered at 2017-10-10 11:42:47
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yeah. I called bs on this story immediately. I did not even follow the news, waited till the dust settled. Then, the following day I read an account of what happened. I immediately wondered how he could shoot for 8 minutes with no response for over an hour, no awareness of where he was (w broken windows!) etc. In Iraq, one shot we had a guess where it came from, sustained fire in a couple seconds we had a direction and estimate on range and immediately called it up and actioned on it. Immediately! Here they sat on their doughnuts and did nothing while people were dying. And people wonder why I have so little respect for LE... run around in their uniforms and hide behind their badges, here their badges were pretty small except for in front of the camera... maybe that is why the LV PD Chief looks so pissed, he figured out his whole organization is a ticket writing sham bunch of cowards...
2017-10-10 11:42:47