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User Info God Bless Idiocy; entered at 2017-10-04 11:26:14
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If he booked it in his girlfriend's name, he presumably had to claim to be a second guest at checkin?

I spent a couple minutes yesterday roughing out the range between the hotel room and the concert grounds. I came up with at least 400 yards, probably closer to 500

I spitballed this in my first post and came up with (including the 32 floors of elevation) at least 500yds to the inside corner of the concert, more-probably in excess of 600. While 5.56 is certainly still lethal at that distance it has lost a LOT of energy and is WAY beyond the upset/fragment range, so it's going to make .22 caliber holes without a lot of temporary cavity expansion and zero fragmentation impact.

If someone's going to shoot at people from that sort of distance that's pretty-close to the best weapon (from mitigating casualties) you want them to choose. Had he picked something like 7.62x51 it would have been a LOT worse.

Had he chosen to use standard-capacity mags and thus had no jams it also would have been a LOT worse.

This guy was unskilled and unpracticed. He did a hell of a lot of damage but it could have easily been MUCH worse, and that's without considering that he owns a PLANE; used as a missile into a crowd like that he would have killed hundreds, even without putting some sort of IED in it.
2017-10-04 11:26:14