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User Info God Bless Idiocy; entered at 2017-10-04 11:24:45
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We're learning more but there's much being withheld -- intentionally so. If you've been paying attention to the "press conferences" you've detected that the LEOs out there are quite-intentionally not telling us more than they are talking about and they're worried about something too. We'll eventually find out what the "something" is, and I bet we won't like it one bit.

Is it 50/50 that he had a at least somewhat large ANFO bomb either in his car or in his hotel room? You could easily put 75 lbs of ANFO in a large wheeled suitcase and wheel it from the parking garage to your room. A few trips like that and you have a rather large bomb. Maybe he tried to set it off in his room and then capped himself when it did not work. All speculation on my part I admit.

Also, for the sticklers for detail: "think McMurdo in Oklahoma City", I think you mean McVeigh.


2017-10-04 11:24:45