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User Info God Bless Idiocy; entered at 2017-10-04 10:38:16
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Registered: 2015-01-29
I heard some shrieking harpy on the radio last night passing and moaning about the NRA writing big checks to congressmen to kill any attempt at passing any gun control bills. GOOD!!! That's what we're PAYING them to do for us at times like this!

But I don't suspect that Americans have obeyed their last gun law already. If to borrow some imagery from the previous thread, I think it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that the "marriage" holding the country together is over. Neither side, especially on the gun issue, is interested in having their minds changed so there won't be any time wasted on debate. Oh there will be lots of name calling but there is no point in debating any part of the gun subject any longer. How much longer this goes on until the inevitable divorce is anyone's guess.
2017-10-04 10:38:16