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User Info What If.....; entered at 2017-09-13 15:23:42
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Registered: 2009-09-02 State of Disrepair
I live in upstate ny and I constantly compare my temps to the local nws. Their temps are often higher by few degrees, yet I only live a few miles away and I am at the same elevation.

Of course, I don't live on a tarmac surrounded by airplanes hot jet exhaust. Talk about BS. Yes, they are compromised to push an agenda.

As soon as I heard is was a record hurricane in the atlantic, my bs meter went to 100% What was this based on? One probe dropped from a c130? I am sure a wind speed indicator on plane has never given an erroneous number before.

Controlling energy is really about controlling people. Pushing solar crap, electric cars, just to "help" the economy. Perhaps it goes further, IE, to get us away from oil dependence, hence free us from middle east horrors.

What isn't a big lie? Keep up the good work Karl.
2017-09-13 15:23:42