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User Info What If.....; entered at 2017-09-13 14:11:13
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Registered: 2015-07-14 Central Florida
We prepped to the max for this - we're on the west coast of Florida 5 miles from the gulf. This storm was really not much. We had some downed limbs and one old, half dead oak fell over in a neighbors yard. We spent hours putting up the storm panels and clearing all the potential projectiles. One neighbor lost one piece of soffit. Other than that, I can see no damage to any of the houses in the area. Not even a random shingle from any roof anywhere. Trees knocked down some power lines and some lower lying sections of the area got flooded including a few trailer parks that seem to always flood at least once a year.

Power is spotty - but I'd say 80% of the area has it back now. Checking gas buddy showing lots of green, and rode my bike up to the closest gas station and there were free pumps, multiple grades available and no lines. Publix, McDonalds and Starbucks were all open on Monday albeit a bit later than normal...

Anyone else notice the eyewall completely disintegrate about 45 minutes after it made landfall? That was also a tell that it wasn't the mega superstorm that was being hyped.
2017-09-13 14:11:13