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User Info What If.....; entered at 2017-09-13 11:54:28
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One thing that has always intrugued me is the conservation of angular momentum. These storms are a swirling mass of air, water, dust, and water vapor. They have mass, they have velocity, and thus have momentum.

Irma was a freaking huge hurricane. In contrast it would take much more environmental energy to sustain a huge cat 5 hurricane at certain windspeed than a smaller one. The smaller the storm the easier it would be to accelerate the winds.

If Irma had a huge size then was able to reduce its size I am sure it might be able to increase its windspeed but measurements are measurements. I see no evidence where the size of the storm was reduced.

Additionally once it slammed into land masses would it not also more quickly lose momentum to prompt quicker disintegration at those higher speeds? Bear in mind we are talking hours and days here - not minutes or seconds.

I am by no means a weather person. I'm just looking at the physics that would have to occur.

2017-09-13 11:54:28