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I was watching the local news out of Fort Meyers during land fall in Naples and they were reporting gusts in the 120's but most of the time the winds were under 100 mph, mostly in the high eighties and low nineties if I remember right. They may have jumped for a few minutes to 105-110 at the most. The airport was the location showing the highest wind velocities during the storm.

Letter from the board President of my building.

Dear Owners and Residents:

The building continues to be without power, A/C, water and elevators. Notices and alerts have been sent from FPL to expect restoration of power by end of day September 22.

The emergency generator is still not running. Damage to the generator was more extensive and parts have been ordered. A back-up portable generator was purchased yesterday to provide power for draining the pool pump room that was flooded. This portable generator is now providing power to the business office.

Significant damage was identified on the roof and in the A/C cooling tower system. Due to this damage, air conditioning will not be available once power is restored to the building as further repair and remediation are necessary. Management has contacted ServiceMaster to provide a temporary solution for wet areas in the building to be remediated until power is restored.

Management and staff continue their inspection of individual units for damage as well as emptying all contents in refrigerators and freezers. Management will contact owners that have damage for review and options for remediation.

Management continues to recommend that those owners and residents who have left not to return until power, elevators and A/C can be restored.

Please reserve phone calls for true emergencies as Management and staff are utilizing all their available time to work on our building systems.

Thank you,

****** ******, President

It ought to be interesting for the fools who decided to ride it out in my building, having to deal with the possibility of not having electricity as far out as next Friday the 22nd.

Here is the letter put out yesterday by the city managers office on the damage to Naples.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The purpose of this message is to provide information to you regarding the conditions in Naples following yesterdays Hurricane Irma.

The reports provided by the national news services fairly represented actual conditions. Hurricane-force winds were ferocious. Maximum wind speed of 142 MPH was reported. The eye wall, the most powerful part of the hurricane, passed over Naples and was followed by the calm eye. Rather than experiencing hurricane-force winds after the eye passed through, the wind velocity, while significant, did not approach the velocity of the front quadrant. We understand that significant hurricane force winds did continue further inland. Winds continued through the night and began to subside by daybreak.

Electrical power is lost in most areas. Because of statewide outages, electrical service may not be restored for days, or perhaps weeks. Water service is not available in some neighborhoods. Numerous water line breaks, caused by up-rooted trees, have drained the water system. The water treatment plant continues to provide water, but full-service will not be available to some areas until the water lines are repaired. We hope to complete most repairs within three days.

The storm surge continued to rise throughout the night. Instead of the predicted 10 to 15 storm surge, we estimate the actual storm surge was at a height at 2 to 3 because of the lower wind velocity in the backside of the hurricane. Some flooding of structures may have occurred in the Tin City area. There are no reports of storm surge flooding of other residential and business properties. Some streets are impassable because of standing water.

Because of fallen trees, getting into the city is difficult or impossible. Almost all streets within the city are blocked because of fallen trees, branches, and power lines. Driveway access may be blocked. Hundreds of the new decorative stop signs are lost. The Naples Pier was damaged. Cambier Park is a mess, and the Fleishmann Community Center was damaged. The Fire Station at the Naples Airport was destroyed. Loss of trees on the public rights-of-way and private property is substantial, as are other landscaping. Expect to find damaged roof-top equipment, such as air conditioning units, fences, pool cages, and attachments to structures, and limited loss of roof shingles.

Again, we caution that it may be some time before electrical service is restored. Your citys staff and City Council have no control over FPLs restoration of service, nor are we able to learn when service will be restored. Also, we do not know when Comcast, Verizon, or other services will be restored.

Over-all, your city is a mess.

And now for the good news. While your city looks wrecked, almost all of it can be quickly cleaned up. Much of the damaged landscape will survive if properly cared for, and trees can be replaced. Water will soon recede, traffic signals will be repaired, and decorative street signs will be replace. We have observed very little structural damage to residential and business properties. We may learn that some homes are damaged because of fallen trees, but wind damage is not readily apparent for most homes, condominiums, and businesses.

Most of the Naples City employees sheltered within the city throughout the hurricane. This allowed continuation of critical services until tropical force winds required that all seek shelter. Personnel mobilized at sunrise today. Their first mission is to clear the main roads so that you may return home. Access to some areas is not possible because of downed power lines and flooding. Naples Police are patrolling neighborhoods, and Fire-Rescue is assisting with road clearing, fire, and medical response.

For those who left the city, we recommend that you do not return to today. You may find that you cannot drive to your home. Because we are focused on a strategic street clearing plan, we cannot help individuals to gain access to their street. We expect to have the main roads partially opened by the end of the day, and most residential side streets in the next few days. Even if successful in meeting this schedule, downed power lines may prevent access, and streets may be partially blocked by trees and limbs. Some streets are flooded. Many driveways are blocked by up-rooted trees. There is access to most business properties, although most are closed as of this date.

There is a county-wide curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Please limit driving to essential tasks. Cautious driving is recommended due to hazardous conditions, missing stop signs, limited line-of-sight at intersections, and obstacles. It is recommended that water be boiled before use until further notice. Of course, the ability to boil water may be limited with the power outages, so bottled water is the best option.

The requirement that landscape firms must haul away landscape debris is temporarily suspended. Property owners and landscape firms may place landscape debris on the right-of-way, immediately adjacent to your property. Please inform your landscape firm that they may place your landscape debris next to the street. Do not place debris on the street or sidewalk. We ask that landscape debris be placed by the street as soon as possible. Your city has made arrangements to pick up storm debris. Contractors are now mobilizing for pickup and will begin soon.

Please share this message with your association members, friends, and associates.

Best wishes,

Bill Moss

City Manager, City of Naples
2017-09-13 10:41:54