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User Info What If.....; entered at 2017-09-13 10:33:41
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I seem to recall Karl posting a similar review of the data after Matthew last year, and I was wondering if we would hear that this storm wasn't what it was alleged to be. I'm in Sebastian on the east coast of Florida and it wasn't too bad, although based on damage to my roof and the neighbor's property, it looks like we probably had a very small twister spin up.

On a related topic, I'm wondering if anyone else in the area experienced this: Power was down, internet was down, cellular data services were down, yet somehow, my wife's facebook app worked on her phone. No other apps that require data (weather, etc.) worked at all, but Facebook worked just fine. She has cellular data enabled on all apps, so that wasn't the issue. Anyone have any thoughts?

2017-09-13 10:33:41