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User Info An Open Letter To The Okaloosa County Commission; entered at 2017-09-12 09:20:18
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The first item in the process to pass the increase will go in front of the city council Wednesday. The increase would be temporary, and would only be permitted to last for 12 months.

I don't know about Houston, but all our "temporary" taxes became permanent or were replaced with permanent taxes because the pro-tax clan was able to convince the sheeple that they would be used for further improvements. At that point, they claim that your taxes won't go up, they will stay the same. Yes, the same as including the "temporary" taxes. Must be something in the water, but peoples' memories seem to be really short. They were included in the 20 or 25 year city development plans to "fix our streets" which never are, or bring in new industry, which never materializes.
2017-09-12 09:20:18