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I realized years ago that there was a criminal element in government when I realized that was how organized crime worked. After watching the investigation of people sligned with Trump for a crime that likely never occurred, the entire model is criminal and everything that is focused upon by the media is complicit in it.

I coined a term for the climate debate on Twitter. Liars, deniers and don't know. There are at most a few million people poised to get rich off the pushing of climate change as a reality. It is modern serfdom in the works. Note the number of liars that push the idea, who have massive yachts and private jets. The screamers either work or are backed by someone who is going to get fat and powerful off the solution or are triggered mentally incompetents who have been scared into believing. There has not been a year in modern mankind where the same bull****, if known wouldn't have been grasped as evidence of climate change or global warming. Even a day before the last ice age set in, it was too hot or stormy or dry somewhere.

It is known they have been cooking the data, rewriting history and lying to the news to push the change narrative, which is actually a worldwide rationing of energy and a $100 trillion movement of wealth from one group to another. The only way their issues are actually accommodated would be through starving billions of people on planet Earth. We have senseless wars that kill hundreds of thousands or millions, plotted by the same people, so why not?

I remember Camille, back in 1969. I read a lot when I was a kid. It was clocked at 205 MPH as it came to shore and brought a 25 foot storm surge into the Biloxi Mississippi coast line. The 1960's was a period of rapidly rising fossil fuel usage and global cooling. Had the criminal element been attempting to do as they are now, they would have been promising 300 MPH hurricanes and an new ice age. For the same reasons, of course.

My father used to talk about going off to a sparsely populated island, when I was a kid. Seeing the hurricanes, it might not have been a good idea. But seeing the propaganda and backwards economics that have taken root in the US and western world, it might have been better to have been washed away than to live through this psychotic mainstream bull****. We are being screwed in the butt and fed bull**** on a daily basis. Rothbard said 40 years ago the Parties were noting but window dressing on each other. There is no doubt they are both leading us to ruin, while they steal everything not tied down. I haven't voted in a national election since I voted for Bush I in 1992 and I heard that if you voted, you agreed with the results. DC could fall to the bottom of the Chesapeake and the rest of the country would have a long vacation, provided we could keep the Californians and NYC criminals out of our states, along with CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox off our TV's, trying to convince us to commit suicide.
2017-09-12 04:36:53