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User Info Quick Update: Irma; entered at 2017-09-11 19:49:53
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Latest update from my Condo on the beach in Naples,
Sounds really good so far considering 125 mph winds hit the property.

Dear Owners and Residents,

Greeting Owners and Residents. I am happy to report that all owners/residents are accounted for at the site. While there is widespread destruction to the landscaping and some damage to the site, for the most part, the site weathered the event as well as possible.

Management spent the day assessing the building and site, and clearing the storm drains to allow the water in the parking lot to drain. As of this evening, all the water in the parking lot is gone. Time was also spent surveying and taking pictures of the property. The Association insurance carriers have been notified and claims started.

As of Monday evening, we're still without power, AC, water, and elevators. Management has been in touch with FPL but no timetable has been given for a restoration of power to the building. The generator is still running, providing emergency lighting and power at the front desk.

Management has been in contact with all the staff; all are safe and will be back to work as soon as possible after taking care of their families. The front desk will be staffed again starting tomorrow morning at 7am. Please do not contact the front desk to ask them to check your property. Management will be going through the entire building and each individual unit starting tomorrow morning to check for water and/or any damage. If damage is discovered, Management will personally contact unit owners for review and recommendations.

We appreciate your patience during this trying time. To aid in the rebuilding and security of the building, contractors will be barred from the site until power has been restored to the building. Once power is restored, Management will provide a further update. Thank you.

2017-09-11 19:49:53