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User Info Quick Update: Irma; entered at 2017-09-11 14:07:58
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Latest from my building on the beach in Naples.

Dear Owners and Residents:

Hurricane Irma passed through our area, and we are beginning the difficult process of evaluating the damage. Our preliminary assessment is that we have no power, phones or water. Gulf Shore Blvd. is flooded and is preventing access to the building at this time time.

We recognize that owners and residents now face the challenge of recovery from this devastating storm. It will take time to get back on our feet, but we are confidant that working together, we will do just that.

Your patience is greatly appreciated and we are requesting that all phone calls be reserved for a true emergency. Updates will be forthcoming once a comprehensive assessment has been made of the building, property and individual units.

The Condominium office will be closed until further notice. Management and staff will be using all their available time to assess damage from the storm.

2017-09-11 14:07:58