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Consider the 75% of people in Houston with no flood insurance or the 50% in Florida with no flood insurance. If you were smart enough to have insurance but your neighbors didn't have it, then your fixed up house will be surrounded by garbage crushing the value of your home. These storms are a no win for anyone except the contractors and the people supplying building products.
Thousands of jobs have been wiped out with many not coming back because businesses won't reopen. The feds work very slowly and it will be months for a lot of people to get their homes livable again. The construction trades will start gouging and the people in charge will decide who gets helped first. We know the banks and financial offices will be fixed first and the people most in need the last. When the people walk away from their homes, the bankers will whine to Congress for another bailout and then sell the properties to their wall street buddies for a song. Just another opportunity to******the middle class in favor of wall street...............
2017-09-11 14:04:48