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The political aspect has already started and will get worse. But you might want to consider the perspective of those who have modeled the atmosphere and gotten it provably right instead of all the screamers who have done so and repeatedly gotten it wrong, which is true of all of the so-called "global warming" models and those pushing them like heroin to a credulous population and political class, all of whom demand more of their heroin and fentanyl like good junkies groveling before their pusher. If we could find two functional neurons between 330 million Americans we'd hang the climate screamers trying to steal by using natural events as their "bait", but we don't and thus they're all safe from said wrath.

Yep.. and I'm willing to be most get their information from political indoctrination hacks from people like Trevor Noah/ Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. They wasted no time trashing climate 'deniers' with all the BS you jsut pointed out. Noah did this in the opening monologue. Absolutely hateful people are they. Being a smartass and a LIAR does not make you intelligent.

I just happened to see it while flipping through the dials for coverage. That idiot can take his arse back to South Africa as far as I am concerned.

2017-09-11 09:52:13