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User Info Quick Update: Irma; entered at 2017-09-11 08:42:14
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Im just wondering if the NOAA is being politicized and exaggerating data. It seems like someone is pushing hard for this to be one of the strongest hurricanes ever. At 185mph there are only 4 other Atlantic hurricanes with same or higher wind speed.

Irma: 914mb with sustained winds of 185mph.
Wilma: 882mb with sustained winds of 185mph.
Gilbert: 888mb with sustained winds of 185mph.
Labor Day: 892mb with sustained winds of 185mph.
Allen: 899mb with sustained winds of 190mph.

Irma appears to be the only 185mph hurricane that is not sub 900mb. Hurricanes that are 914ish cluster around 175mph. Thankfully Hispaniola and Cuba weakened is significantly and made landfall in Florida at 939mb.
2017-09-11 08:42:14