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User Info State-Level Corruption And Theft; entered at 2017-09-11 08:37:05
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Ckaminski - "Took a relatively carefree kid and made them an anxious nutcase when it comes school."

As the one who raise her, you above anyone should know her strengths, weakness, likes, dislikes. What she is truly capable of and if she is ready to head off to college now, in the future or maybe never.

Growing into and being an adult is full of uncertainty, but it is disheartening to see the institution of school adding a completely unnecessary layer of anxiety.

Best of luck to you and yours.

Vernonb - "Reminds me of the old adage those that can do - will do. Those that can not do - teach."

But what happens to those that can not teach? Do they become politicians?
2017-09-11 08:37:05