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User Info State-Level Corruption And Theft; entered at 2017-09-11 01:06:39
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Reminds me of the old adage those that can do - will do. Those that can not do - teach.

The best teachers IMO come from the world of experience. If local business were to pick up that tab I'd like see a hell of a lot of established "academia" flushed. But this will be a battle to the state and federal levels. This corrupted education does not stop at who is paying the bill.

You can bet a real business person would also concentrate on systems that matter in teaching - not high tech boondoggles designed for financial shock and awe that deliver ever more failing results at taxpayer expenses.

No tool is going to better educate students if the primary source of that information delivery - the teacher- is the biggest defective component.

These school districts are so isolated from accountability they feel they answer to no one from which they steal.

2017-09-11 01:06:39