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User Info State-Level Corruption And Theft; entered at 2017-09-10 21:38:36
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
There are so many things wrong with our school system it is difficult to focus on just one thing.

First many/most 1-9th grade schools are mandated by law, parents may be forced to send their children to state institutions, but they can not be forced to provide (food, supplies, proper clothing.....) for their children while there.

Who picks up that tab?

Parents that do give a damn can not easily access their children while they are institutionalized and often times they are prohibited from participating in school functions. Classroom discussions are not made by the teacher, the school board gets very little say in what actually goes on in the classroom, which leaves much of the school curriculum mandated by the state and if the state receives money from the federal goberment, the school has to adhere to those mandates.

Who is really in charge of the child's education?

Teachers who have been known to prey on children are never fired, teachers who abuse the system are never fired.

Who is watching out for the children?

School bonds are never paid back and are increased every bond cycle, if the initial bond fails, the schools conduct any number of special elections until the bond is approved. Does that mean if a girl initially tells me NO!!! I can keep trying until I get what I want?

Who is looking out for the tax payers?

Public schools give kids homework assignments that are purposefully impossible to complete and then tell the kids and parents that they will pass the kid anyway.

How is a child supposed to have any self esteem?

State institutions are filled with corruption and theft, but sadly the worst theft is to the children's ability to reason, think critically and self esteem.

But hey at least the children of illegals are on the same playing field as American children....
2017-09-10 21:38:36