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User Info State-Level Corruption And Theft; entered at 2017-09-10 21:05:48
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My friends and I have a long running debate as to when the Baby Boomer's will start complaining about property tax en masse. This article may be the tip of the spear.

KD wrote..
The result is crap schools, especially in the cities.

The condition of public schools are a reflection of the local society, not the other way around; when the school's are broken it's generally because the local society is broken while affluent and prosperous localities enjoy a thriving public education system. The culture and economy in many U.S. cities is on par with that of a 3rd world country.

KD wrote..
It also results in schools that try to run the garbage that every kid needs to go college.

This is a myth that's been swirling for years. High schools don't promote that every kid needs to go to college. However, it's the college's themselves that promote every kid needs to go to college and they do this via marketing dreams to dreamers and providing the financing to make it happen. People choose college on their own (albeit with some societal suggestion). Families believe (often naively) that a college education will make their children better off. Then you have the degree requirement by many industries and businesses. Young people pursue a college degree because they aspire a job that is NOT electrical and plumbing; they think that a college education will lead to something better. Many are wrong.

KD wrote..
We then wonder why all the electrical and plumbing shops can't find good people to train and employ, and why all the framing and roofing seems to be done by illegal Mexican invaders.

Electrical and plumbing shops can't find "good people" to train and employ because the "good people" pursue other professions. The trade shops often, but not always, get what's remaining; the leftovers are sometimes byproducts of degenerative living (tattoos, piercings, drugs, alcohol, etc.), those who were not prepared to enter the working world, or those who dreamed to "make it big" and focused their energy on sports, music, or some other speculative activity and lost. The "good people" that choose a trade will excel at their craft, open their own shop, and eventually become the winners.

KD wrote..
The usual argument on the other side is that even the wealthy childless individual or couple benefits from an educated workforce. That's true. But that benefit is "soft" and impossible for the wealthy person to objectively measure where for the businessperson it's simple: EITHER THERE ARE QUALIFIED WORKERS IN THE LOCAL AREA TO HIRE OR THERE ARE NOT.

Each locality enjoys a certain standard of living. People choose to live in a high tax area or a low tax area because they want the benefits (or lack thereof) from said locality. The urbanization trend has affected perception a bit and messes with the calculations, but at the end of the day people generally vote with their wallets.
2017-09-10 21:05:48