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Ohio is one of the few states which permits income taxes for schools. Out of the 608 school districts, 190 have income taxes in addition to property taxes, and of those, 49 are earned income tax.

Schools LOVE earned income tax levies, because seniors collecting social security, retirees with income derived from pensions, investments, rentals vote on the levy but they don't pay a cent. So school districts suck up to the seniors/retirees with spaghetti dinners, etc. That's what makes it easier to pass than a regular income (or property) tax, and that's why districts go for it.

Our district has an earned income tax, and I have long been strongly adverse to it. Why should people be voting other peoples' money? It's just not right. There's a renewal of a .75% earned income tax on the ballot in November, and they will get three bites at the apple because it isn't up until next November. If it doesn't pass, the district loses roughly 10% of its revenue stream.

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2017-09-10 13:51:39