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User Info An Open Letter To The Okaloosa County Commission; entered at 2017-09-10 12:35:32
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Registered: 2017-02-05 Bellingham, Washington
Nice work. That shows you are being effective if they begin to try to marginalize you.

Other fun things that can be done. File an ethics complaint on his appearance of is fairness violation(s). Make sure the local press get a copy. Also, newsworthy and may get others to join up is an exploratory meeting to file a referendum or even an initiative to cap tax property tax raises. Press release and radio shows love a good issue.

Your skills in running a web site for an actual solution are way more powerful than any commission. You only need to present a simple solution and people will gravitate towards it since it is in their obvious benefit. At the very least, people will remember these monkeys and vote them out next time.

Sometimes a public disclosure request for all of Boil's emails will cause something else to pop up.

It is also likely that the entire group does their real deliberations out of sight of the public, but it is also probable that at least one of them is dumb enough to cc their secret emails to the wrong people in one of the political parties. Ask people to forward them to you. There is someone else angling for Boil's seat and may be very helpful.

The game is afoot and I bet Boil will soon (double) rue the day he took on Tickerguy.
2017-09-10 12:35:32