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User Info An Open Letter To The Okaloosa County Commission; entered at 2017-09-10 05:29:37
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Registered: 2009-06-03 East of Sheol
I watched that video and honestly it induced nausea. I know none of these council people btw. My opinions are based on first impressions from this video.

First was the pledge of allegiance. I have nothing against the pledge except when it is obviously done as as staged show by a bunch of hypocrites so they can continue the ruse of being loyal and trustworthy Americans.

Then there was the obvious fawning over one another in council chambers and also fawning over their decisions. "We'll we looked at everything and this is the best that can be done" kind of BS. I'm surprised they did not engage in an orgy with one another right there on the spot. This group of people is definitely in love with themselves.

Then there was the fat guy in the suit after Karl. What a cuck. "I here to support you no matter what you decide." WTF is wrong with these people!

2017-09-10 05:29:37