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User Info An Open Letter To The Okaloosa County Commission; entered at 2017-09-10 04:45:01
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Registered: 2009-02-28 DFW, Tx
Government is like a school of piranhas. They will pick the bones clean.

Property is hot here in Collin County, Texas. $250k is now the new $125k. I'm seeing ridiculous prices, close to double 4 years ago. They haven't lowered the tax rate. My family has 25 properties in the county and the California's are moving in. Wait until they discover there isn't any tax freeze after purchase.

47% increase? The citizens should invade the government meetings and string the bastards up. Taxation in America is reaching a level per capita near the earnings of the median household. 2% plus real growth is plenty. KD mentioned 47%?

There is never going to be a tax that soaks the fat cats. All taxes are borne by those that work for a living. Property taxes are paid by who occupies the property. Maybe not every year, but eventually. The rents will move or the condition of the property will suffer.

They are trying to do something in Texas. Homeowners are limited, but not investment property. Governments are shameless. The people are taking it in the butt.

There is a lot that has to change. There are few private sector pensions any more. That is not true in government. Trillions in liabilities. Pay is better. Job security. They build bull****, regardless of whether it is needed or not. They will let the roads and sewers go to hell, yet build something ridiculous. Citizen dupes pass bond election after bond election. Cronies stuff money in pockets in public works contracts.

BTW Karl. Looks like the storm is headed your way. Prayers are with you and family. Be safe.
2017-09-10 04:45:01