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User Info An Open Letter To The Okaloosa County Commission; entered at 2017-09-09 16:03:32
Posts: 434
Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
I certainly do not want to state what is obvious, but some people may not realize, all property transfers are recorded in the county they took place and are open to the public.

With that being said, if poopstain boyle searched out your public records and used them for political gain, that is to say the least reprehensible, but could it also be illegal use of the information?

Granted I have used the property records on numerous occasions, but never for political gain. If Poopstain did not know you were coming and only checked on your records after you spoke, he used county resources for his political agenda, as a seated politician does he have the legal right to do that?

I do not remember the exact reason why the county in WA State went away from checking property ownership by a persons name, to address and or parcell number, but part of me believes it was because there was too great of room for abuse, when you can check someones name and see how much property they do or do not have - I know there where several names I checked under that system.

A possible solution to this (others may have better knowledge and can give their input), but if you have a LLC or similar you can quite claim your property to it.

Whether someone can afford a tax increase is not the issue, it should be voted open in the light of day where those impacted (Regardless of degree) have the right to give their views WITHOUT being harassed.

It is your property, your money, your time and should not be used in an attempt to shame or browbeat someone into a political action
2017-09-09 16:03:32