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User Info An Open Letter To The Okaloosa County Commission; entered at 2017-09-09 13:59:02
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That "Boil" should be excised. You ever thought about running for local office, Karl?

I cannot run for his seat since I don't live in his district. I can do my damndest to see him defeated though by working for and with anyone who opposes him, and I will.

As to when he looked it up, since he had no idea I was going to show up (or obviously who I was or he would have done some research in advance) he had a laptop behind the desk and he did so while I was speaking in opposition to the tax increase, then used his "closing argument" time, in part, to try to intimidate me.

Not only didn't it work after the vote was taken the Chair asked if anyone had any further comments. My hand went up again, I again came up to the lectern and ripped him a new one on the substantive point of the time: He and the other Commissioners put the meeting at an inconvenient time and place on purpose, working people couldn't make it, and while I certainly could afford the tax increase I could also afford to come speak on behalf of those who they intentionally shut out.

Unfortunately I had not expected a tactic like this or I would have researched potential conflicts on ALL the commissioners before the meeting, and REALLY nailed him on the record.

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2017-09-09 13:59:02