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From DTM

Hello Everyone,

The Equifax data leak is pretty serious business, and I hope everyone will take the time to make reasonable precautions to protect your identity and credit.

Equifax is offering one year free enrollment in TrustedID Premier for those whose information may have been impacted. To enroll, you have to go to Equifaxs website to start the enrollment. Please note that if you are impacted by the data breach and enroll in TrustedID the agreement includes language that waives your right to sue Equifax or join in a class action suit. Experts are already opining that the clause is void. Im not an attorney, and all I can say is to follow the news on this issue. With that said, a Class Action has already filed.

Other options are to place a credit freeze or credit alert on your credit. The credit alert is for 90 days, whereas a credit freeze can be permanent. A freeze is the most effective means of protecting your credit. However, it costs $10 to freeze, and there are charges to remove the freeze when you apply for credit. Please also note that you will have to provide a government issued ID and copy of utility bill, bank or insurance statement.

Credit freeze requires ID and the process takes longer in my opinion the better choice vs credit alert


I also recommend either placing a Fraud Alert on your credit or freezing your report as a precaution due to the Equifax Security breach. Here are the links:


TransUnion Fraud Alert:

TransUnion Credit Freeze:


Experian Fraud Alert:

Experian Credit Freeze:


Equifax Fraud Alert:

Equifax Credit Freeze

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