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User Info WHERE ARE THE DAMNED HANDCUFFS?; entered at 2017-09-08 13:48:18
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Interesting timing for all this. Some scammers evidently got a hold of some of my personal info this past week but it was evident it was not totally correct. First they made up some BS story to serve me papers because I refused to answer their letters or calls (there have been none) and told me I had better be at home or work at certain time so papers could be served. How convenient for them -lol.

I ignored the first call. They called the second day with the same high pressure routine wanting me to call a number and give them the "case #". The woman changed her last name the second time she called. Some are even spoofing IP court identities.

What they got from me was a phone call explaining why I and others in those areas are heavily armed and what would happen if they trespassed at my home or business pretending to be officers of the court. I gave them no info but their own "case" number.

No more phone calls.

It is bad enough these scammers can run these routines to frighten people not familiar with due processes of the law. It is bad enough that many can cobble together information at other internet search sites for $20.00 to ruin people's lives. But now equifax has just given them a mainline to people's good names. They just cut out the middleman to run these scams.
These jerks need to be imprisoned, ruined finanacially, and beaten eveny 2 hours for the rest of their short miserable lives.

Reminds me of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Breach. These bastards later came back prommoting themselves with some type of ID theft protection that was being created to hide their own incompetence. Really? Trust you? ahahahahahahaahah. Of course our own HR people were their biggest promoters.

Too bad the stupid is not instantly inflammable.

2017-09-08 13:48:18