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User Info WHERE ARE THE DAMNED HANDCUFFS?; entered at 2017-09-08 12:37:10
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Redbrian:Fifteen years ago my personal data was stolen from a local hospital. I personally visited all of my congressmen and representative's offices asking for a free credit freeze for any reason. They gave me a "we care" speech. Nothing changed.

Redbrian, back in the day.... I posted a rather looong, (before I got My DL's back), post in the Ticker Forum Bar then that I obtained TRASH along the highway Median, of Medical Record(s), billing, Patient records, And a assortment of personal info, Including bank/credit card/insurance billing records.. Way back then.. It's not changed one bit..
I STILL get/or see occasionally pieces of paper(s) etc blown off the Trash/Garbage truck that happens to be on the Same Route(s) of several banks AND our Local Hospital...
that is all...
2017-09-08 12:37:10