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User Info WHERE ARE THE DAMNED HANDCUFFS?; entered at 2017-09-08 11:12:15
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My son got to see the decision-making that leads to these security breaches first-hand as an intern this past summer. His job was in the Data Security area and the hot task was to integrate some newly acquired companies. An older man had been hired as a consultant to draw up a plan for data security and he was very forthright telling the interns what was going to happen (some of the data also had HIPAA added into the mix). He said he would draw up a proposal that would make their data rock-solid safe. It would cost more money than the executives would spend so the execs would have a fit, pare it down to uselessness, implement something stupid and continue buying companies and managing more unsecured data.

So an American company paid my son almost $6000 to learn how screwed up they are with a side dish of HR idiocy and office politics. He did learn about two college courses worth of data security from the consultant so the end result was he got paid to take classes - win/win.

I'm sure that company is the rule rather than the exception. And all the executives should be behind bars. They know what they should do and they choose to break the law instead. There could be several shovel-ready jobs building new federal prisons for these people and most of our politicians.
2017-09-08 11:12:15