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User Info On Irma And Stupidity; entered at 2017-09-06 17:50:23
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I suspect that by tonight I-95, I-75 and the turnpike are going to be parking lots.

There are reports on the radio that both I-95 and I-75 are backing up in the Cent FL area. Don't know the veracity of the reports though. Don't drive the interstates on a regular (daily) basis.

The other problem will be trying to find fuel. I know that there are already lines at the pumps as folks fill up their fuel cans (I have 8 x 5 gal + cans filled up, plus all the fuel we have in the vehicles) for their generators, and people keeping their vehicles topped off. If there is a mad rush to evacuate that many folks, they better have full tanks already - AND - have at least a couple cans of fuel. I'd bet that the infrastructure won't be able to keep up the fuel supply for very long for that many people evacuating north.

in the 1970s the houses were either shack-like or small 1 story cinder block houses

That is EXACTLY the kind of houses I grew up in in Miami in the 60's / 70's. Single story concrete block (poured) house with a FLAT roof. Designed to withstand probably even a Cat 5. Just had to cover the smaller windows. And there weren't many windows either. Not like today's houses.
2017-09-06 17:50:23